About Us

We are a Research & developer, manufacturer and supplier of premium diagnostics consumable and automation equipment. Our core business segments are focused on Cytology, Pathology and medical Diagnostics for laboratory.

In 2006, in addition to our own processing factories, we also have many domestic cooperative enterprises to ensure sufficient supply of a variety of products. We follow the technical quality requirement and service demand of the international market to produce and offer all kinds of products, seeking high quality and capability while paying more attention to the cost of products.

In 2009, Our company had set up its own manufacturing division with a Research & Development Team to trend innovative Hi-Tech products, software programmes and design automation apparatus specific to our new developments. We will be a supplier of Hi-Tech products, state-of the-art research Robot automation and product development services based on the combination of nano technology.

We are ultimate success is a result of developing a cooperative relationship with our customers and understanding the exact requirements of their applications, ingenuity, flexibility and expertise produce results that satisfy our customers. Their trust is the key to a long-lasting partnership.